Monday, February 15, 2010

Bullshit Ghost Story

I drew this comic after being chased out of the 2007 Exhumed Films 24-hour Horror-Thon at 4:00 in the morning by a god awful Italian zombie movie called Burial Ground. I don't recommend it. They hired a little person to play an incest mad child (both while alive and a Zombie) and the pacing was so bad that IT wound up being my number one complaint against the film! That said the Horror-Thon was a blast and I am truly sorry that extenuating circumstances have lead me to miss it these past 2 years. Maybe in twenty-ten.

Originally the anti-hero of this piece was going to be a film executive rather than this delightfully charming racist caricature but I changed it to get the joke ending in there. Remember, I'm not making fun of Asians, I'm making fun of immigrants. There's a difference... I think.

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