Sunday, April 24, 2011

Shit Art File: 01

My Dad came up and visited me for Easter earlier today. It was fucking gorgeous outside and we had a great time but when he left at around five I didn't have the remaining time or the gumption to finish a new comic. Thanks a lot Jesus. Couldn't you have come back on a Tuesday or something?

Rather than the website running dry for a week I'm doing something I told myself I wasn't going to do. I'm posting a comic I drew while I was still in college. While it's nice to have visual confirmation that I've progressed from shit art with passable jokes to merely mediocre art with passable jokes I'm going to try and not pull this dodge often. This is late period ('06) shit art with a joke I really love but if I start digging into comics I did for the '02 Baltimore City Paper Comics contest I'll be scraping the bottom of the barrel in record time.

Hell, at least it's nice to have the option to cop out if I need to.

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