Monday, May 30, 2011

Useful Phrases for Terrible People

Goddamn this comic just didn't want to come out of me. Probably why I didn't draw it last weekend or yesterday when I was supposed to. Sorry about the late post by the way. Really its probably because there's so many things that were hard to draw in this thing. I don't know if you've ever tried to draw a sexy scum bag guy but just about everything you put on him only makes him look gay. Muscles = gay, wifebeater t-shirt = gay, mustache = super fuckin' gay. I'm not saying these are bad things it just ruins the first panel if she's just waving to a really flaming gay dude. Only an asshole's jealous of their girlfriends gay buddies. So much for my idea of giving the guy a leather police captain's hat.

I actually think I pulled off the creep but the girl's another story. I don't draw pretty girls well enough to convey such a vague emotion as insincerity. I think I'm actually on her side in the second panel. I wouldn't date the pink golf shirt wearing fat-ass bro in the second panel either. All things considered I think she handled it well with her little phrase. That said, who hasn't felt like a fat shlub thats trying too hard after getting shot down by someone you like.

Hell. I could have done this strip a lot more justice if I was only more talented. Fail fail fail fail fail.

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