Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Shit Art File: 03

I didn't want to do another shit art file so quickly after the last one and the Sick Day Video Re-Post but even after working for a day after I got back from New York I still don't have a new comic ready. I was up there for the Del Close Marathon with Rookie Card. We may have had a smaller audience than last year as a result of going up against Baby Wants Candy and Rouge Elephant but our show went really well and I had a ball the whole weekend. My favorites were Improv Boston Mainstage and The NY Mets Monoscene. The latter was one of those oddball 3 AM shows the DCM is famous for. It was some dude dressed like Darryl Strawberry introducing a alternate reality version of the Mets complete with Bernie Madoff and parallel universe Fidel Castro. No matter what you are imagining, trust me, it was weirder.

I think bringing down the overall quality of this blog is worth it for being able to experience that madness.

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