Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Carl Winslow

When I was a little kid I watched TGIF every goddamn Friday. I even stuck in a couple years after they put that obnoxious white trash Brady Bunch up for display on "Step By Step" like a some type of early nineties circus sideshow. "Boy Meets World" was the true death-knell of the programming block and fairly obviously the harbinger of "Malcolm in the Middle." Classic line-up: Full House, Family Matters, Perfect Strangers.

Jesus I can really talk some nonsense when I want to. Sorry if you're out of the age range/social class where you'd recognize this crap.

Other than the fact that their second daughter apparently got kidnapped a few years into the run and it was too painful for the rest of the family to ever bring up the thing I remember about "Family Matters" is Winslow here sitting in the chair wrong anytime he wanted to have a heart to heart with his son or Erkle or something. It must have been painful for a man of his bulk. The things actors will do to themselves for a little fame...

This is a really cheap, dumb joke (not to mention borderline racist) but I needed something I could draw while slinging comics at SPX. You see, I wanted to post a new comic this week rather than another shit art file because this is the one year anniversary of starting weekly updates!


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  1. Thanks for signing my comic book with Carl Winslow, Jake. You the man!