Sunday, November 27, 2011

It's Better Than Occupying Your Mom's Fucking Couch!

I had some time off for Thanksgiving so I drew a special double-length comic. It's rare I even do a one page strip these days so I've got an unearned feeling of high accomplishment. Epic!

Anyway, so this comic came out of an argument I had with my grandmother over Thanksgiving. I know you might question the wisdom of trying to convince a woman in her 70s that Fox News doesn't have her best interest in mind but I still try for several reasons. The first and foremost is that you learn unexpectd things.

In this case I was surprised to find out that the main group that keeps some working people from supporting government programs that are in their best interest like universal healthcare isn't the Occupy Wall Street kids or even the underprivileged/minorities/urban youth/blacks. It's their own deadbeat work-phobic children, grand children and in-laws. All my cousin ever dates are these loser human sponges. It's hard to argue against people that work their asses off at shitty jobs to make ends meet who will be damned if they're going to support these shit bags.

Too bad they're already doing it, with or without government intervention. Maybe it'd be easier to kick them out of the house if you knew they'd have a doctor when they inevitably overdose on crystal meth.

This might be my last post for a little while. I joked about one page being "epic" for me at the top but I really want to finish this stupid Chambara Punk Strip I started in '10 so I can work on some other long stories. I'll try to get back to weekly gags sometime early in the new year.

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